Welcome to the - Work Bench 

We offer a unique experience when you purchase a custom Italian Violin or Electric Violin, created from Importuno Violins. Your instrument will be - one of a kind which is hand-crafted in the Liutaio tradition. As an added touch we inlay - mother of pearl finishes of your design choice that represents you as a musician.




​The Italian inside molds being used to make and model after Stradivari Guitar shaped Violino.  The ribs are formed around the mold, then the neck and end block are glued in place followed by the linings.


With the blocks and linings glued in place, the top and back take shape; notice (snake wood) was used for the inlay at the bottom of the ribs.


​The Top Plate is seated in a carving cradle used to hold the plates while carving the violins final shape.  The Top is ready to have the sound holes cut out.

Inlay of the purfling and the saddle completed.

The inside Italian Molds are being used to make my Guarneri 'del Gesu' model.

The Guarneri model: with top, back, scroll and necks being carved; also custom Viola neck.

The Guarneri model seated in the cradle with it's neck being semi fitted. 

The inside Top of Recording Artist Mr. Doug Cameron's violin.  The Bass Bar was fitted & being glued in place.

Showing Doug's violin; in clamps closing the body.

Using a one-piece European Maple, high figure wood for the back.  The instrument is now ready for it's Blue Finish. 


Thank you for taking a tour of Importuno Violins Work Bench.  This violin has been custom built for Doug Cameron. We have also had the pleasure of custom building Doug's sons violin.

Please visit https://dougcameron.com/ to see them in action. Or watch the video of Doug Cameron and Family...Enjoy!


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