Importuno Violins - A Tour of John's Workshop


On The Bench

These are the steps in the construction of the guitar-shaped Stradivari (corner-less model) violin like the one used by violinist Joshua Bell.
Also Guarneri 'del Gesu' Lord Wilton 1742 Model


 Strataveri on the bench Step 1
French outside molds with ribs already made


Step 2
Tops and backs being roughed out with aged old wood on top of shelf.
  Step 3
Italian molds for Guarneri 'del Gesu' models with corner blocks, neck and bottom block installed..

Step 4
Guitar shaped violins (no corners) being constructed.

  Step 5
Final shaping the rough arching.

Step 6
Graduating the inside top plate to specific dimensions.

  Step 7
Top completed with purfling and saddle installed.

Other side ribs being constructed (in background)

Step 8
Top being lined with side ribs. (Garland)

  Step 9
Checking the 2.2mm overhang.

 Step 10
Final shaping of the top and back plates ready to be mounted. (Garland/Ribs & Custom snakewood ebony inlay for button plate)

  Step 11
Gluing and clamping the linings to the inside ribs. (Garland)

 Step 12
Lining up the neck angle and completing the neck for the Guarneri 'del Gesu' Lord Wilton 1742 model.

  Step 13
Assembling the bodies.

 Step 14
Completing the shape of the necks.

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