Importuno Violins - A Tour of John's Workshop


A Tour of John's Workshop


French and Italian Molds These hand crafted side molds are the heart of the design process. From here the violin takes shape.


The top row are French molds, they shape the Frame of the Violin.

The bottom row are Italian molds, they are inside molds.

French and Italian Molds
Bending the Ribs The Ribs
The ribs (sides) are made from a 1mm thick piece of flamed maple. After soaking in water, they are formed with a special heater for bending the wood.

The Linings
The sides are then placed into a mold and perfected. The Lining is made from narrow strips of Willow and Spruce. It is then fitted to the inside rib edge.
The Lining

Graduating the Plates Graduating the Plates
The top and back are shaped by hand using traditional methods, this tunes the instrument.

The Scroll
The neck is also prepared by hand including the tedious task of perfecting the scroll.
Carving the Scroll

Attaching the Neck Fitting the Neck
With the top and sides assembled, the neck is put into place. It must provide a perfect alignment and fit to the body.

All instruments are hand varnished and rubbed out. Using a custom oil varnish based on resins, gums, and pigments to provide a variety of highly transparent colors and superior finish.
Varnishing a Violin

model3-front.jpg (11610 bytes) The Final Product
Each instrument is setup to perfection and tailored for the customer's personal needs. Pegs, Nut, Sound Post, Fingerboard, Bridge, Tailpiece, and the Strings can all be customized.

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