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This is what some of John Importuno's customers have to say:

"Thanks so much, John, for your most wonderful work of art. This violin sings like an angel and your workmanship is exquisite. The colors reflect my seventh chakra meditations perfectly. This instrument will sing in the halls of the people in this new age, bringing love and peace to all that are privy to it's angelic tones. God bless you and your talent, and may you continue to prosper.
I am in you're debt."

Love and peace,
Colin Matthews

Dr. Andrew Galos "John Importuno is a fine Luthier, in the tradition of the old Italian masters. he is a master Craftsman who creates violins in a real Italian tradition and sound. I trust no one else. He has a fabulous ear for sound! Although he focuses on building fine violins with a beautiful sound, varnish, and playability, he is also an outstanding restorer..."

-  Dr. Andrew Galos

Dr. Andrew Galos is one of this country's outstanding violinists. He holds a Masters degree from both the Julliard School of Music and Columbia University. In addition to the Masters degrees, he also earned a doctorate from Columbia. Presently Dr. Galos is performing on tour and resides in Kirkland, Washington.

Sample of Hungarian Violin Music from Hubay,
as performed by Dr. Andrew Galos:
"On the waves of Lake Balaton"

"I really love the violin! It is a pleasure to play on a fine instrument that is also an electric violin. I have been using electric violins that are factory made in the past. I do believe that the quality of the instrument effects the electronic sound as well. What's more, I don't feel I need to bring my acoustic violin with me to practice in my hotel when I'm on the road. Thanks for making me a fantastic instrument!"

- Doug Cameron

"I love Importuno Violins! My electric is really two violins. It has the acoustic sound and feel of a great classical violin, with unlimited sounds as an electric. The quality finish, color and shading give it the look of a very stylish and unique custom violin."

- Gary Doyle

Gary Doyle is a talented musician, singer and song writer. He plays the fiddle, mandolin, and harmonica. He has opened for such name artists as Delbert McClinton, the Bellamy Brothers, John Mayall, Earl Thomas Conley, Gatemouth Brown, John Conley, LeRoy Preston, Hank Williams III, and John McEuen. He has performed worldwide exclusively using an Importuno Electric Violin. 

Tom Wright, Charlie Daniels and Gary Doyle at the Charlie Palooza, Hard Rock Cafe, Tampa, FL

"I have been the proud owner of the 'Proteus' violin made by John Importuno since February 2009. I perform for a casino in Indiana and this exquisite instrument has put me on the map out here.

The workmanship and attention to detail is exemplary. John got my colors and insignia absolutely perfect. Not a day goes by without one of my customers commenting on the beauty of this violin.

The sound is amazing, especially for a violin that is acoustic as well as electric. I spent some time with the 'Armingaud' stradavari back in the nineties...a two and a half million dollar instrument and I prefer John's. It is smooth, responsive and very easy to play.

Everything from Bach to Bob Marley to Michael Jackson sounds like angels on the Proteus. As one of my customers so aptly put it, " That's the Obama of violins right there Brother!" Thanks John for crafting me an instrument that allows my music to sing with the voice of the angels." 

- Colin G. Matthews
resident violinist Indiana Live Casino

"I am the proud owner of an Importuno Violin. The overall appearance and distinguishing tonal characteristics that it projects are outstanding!" 

- Dr. Felix Subervi
Tampa Bay Symphony

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