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Affordable Hand Crafted Violins, Violas, and Cellos:

The violin world is changing so quickly! Now available, a European instrument impeccably handmade by skilled European craftsmen from naturally aged 100% Carpathian spruce and nicely flamed maple, attractively oil varnished. Ebony fingerboard, pegs, tailpiece, button, Guarneri chin rest and Dominant strings. The instruments are professionally set up by violin maker John V. Importuno. Mr. Importuno guarantees that each instrument he sells meets or exceeds the Music Educators National Conference (MENC) specifications. Please audition one of these fine instruments today, you won't be disappointed.

Violin - $900
Viola - $1000
Cello - $2500

Includes a hard shell case and bow.

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Recommended for Students, Teachers, and advancing players.

Please call (813) 961-7282
to audition one of these fine instruments!

These instruments feature a money back satisfaction guarantee!

When Your're Ready to Select an Instrument

Selecting an instrument can be difficult and strenuos task fot both the young beginner and the pro. Importuno strives to help make your selection a pleasurable and informative venture. Whether you're looking for a small instrument for a beginner or a lifetime investment for a pro, you can continually find a wide selection of sizes and instruments to fit any budget. My goal is to help you select a quality instrument that's just right for you and your needs. My success depends on your satisfaction. Once you do select an instrument, rest assured that Importuno stands behind your selection with my decades of training amd experience in the arts of instrument repair and restoration.

Services Include:

  • Maker of Fine Instruments
  • Bow Restoration / Repair / Rehairing
  • Complete Restorations of all string Instrument
  • Procurement of European hand-crafted Instruments & Bows
  • Insurance / Value Appraisals
  • Consignments
  • Accessories
  • Cosulting
  • Sales

Professional Set Up:

  1. Properly Shaping of the Ebony Nut
  2. Tapering of the Pegs
  3. Dressing (Planing and Finishing Finger Board)
  4. Setting and Care Full Positioning the Sound Post
  5. Hand Carving and Tuning Each Bridge
  6. Alining Correct Distance of Tailpiece and Tail Gut Adjuster
  7. Adjusting Fine Tunes
Upon completion, each instrument is set up using the finiest and evaluated to ensure that it is exquisitely detailed artfully assembled and adjusted for the optimum sound. Then and only then it becomes a vailable for matchmaking.

Antiqued String Instruments and Bows:

Starting at $1000.00 & Up
Call for Info and Pricing

String Instruments by:

Rudoulf Doestch

Albert Nebel

Wilhelm Klier

Rainer Leohardt

Ivan Dunov

Andreas Eastman

Johannes Kohr

Karl Hofner

Alois Reidl

Lothar Semmlinger

Ernst Henrich Roth

E. Wilfer

Vasile Gliga


Calin Wulter



Bows for Students and Professionals:

Dorfler - Knoll - Johannes Kohr - Schicke

Raum - Geiple - Dupree - Royner - Prell

P + H - Glasser - Schuster - Kramer - Mouton

Students and Advanced Pricing:

Violins - $325.00 & Up

Violas - $350.00 & Up

Cellos - $750.00 & Up

Note: Please send your email address and phone number to in case we are out of stock or material on any product.

Custom made by request.

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