Violins 4/4, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8  

                     Violins: Starting Price  $159.95

                     Violas:    $269.95

                     Cello: $800.00  

                          ~Old Mastered European~

                      Basses:   Call for available



Master Made, Professional Old European, Antiqued, New Making, Custom Instruments and Electric Violins





 Fine Stringed Instruments  

We Have A Wonderful Selection Of Used Instruments Available


Affordable Hand Crafted Violins, Violas, and Cellos


Rudoulf  Doestch, Albert Nebel, Wilhelm Klier, Rainer Leohardt, Ivan Dunov, Andreas Eastman, August F.Kohr,

Karl Hofner, Lothar Semmlinger  Gliga, Ancona, Emanuel Wilfer, Gewa, John Juzek, to name a few.

Bows: Violin • Viola • Cello • Bass

Carbon • Carbon Fiber • Braided Carbon Fiber • Fiberglass • Brazilwood • Pernambuco














Services Include The Following

Properly Shaping of the Ebony Nut, Tapering of the Pegs, Dressing (Planing and Finishing Finger Board), Setting and Care Full Positioning the Sound Post, Hand Carving and Tuning Each Bridge, Aligning Correct Distance of Tailpiece and Tail Gut Adjuster

Adjusting Fine Tunes, Upon Completion. Each instrument is set up using the finest and evaluated to ensure that it is exquisitely detailed artfully assembled and adjusted for the optimum sound. Then and only then it becomes available for matchmaking.

Master Made And Fine Antique Violin Bows

WE. Hill & Son, A. Lamy-Paris, Albert Nurnberger,  E.Satory-Paris, F.N.Voirin – Paris,

HR. Pfretzschner,  EH. Roth, R. Arnold Stoess, HR. Knopf, Otto Hoyer, G. Schuster,

E. Herrmann, S.Durro, Conrad Gotz, J.O. Paulus, Otto Brust, Walter Mettal


Full Line Of Accessories: Strings, Rosin, Shouldrests, Mutes, and more... 

Bows Student And Professional

Dorfler, Knoll, Johannes Kohr, Horst Schicker, W. Raum,  

Geipel, Dupree, W.Schuster, Kramer, F.Mouton.


Peter Pullara: Playing his Fine French Cello

Purchased Through Importuno Violins 

Violin Bows: $49.00 +

Viola Bows:  $59.00 +

Cello Bows:  $95.00 +

Bass Bows:   $149.00 +


We Stock All 

Fractional Sizes Bows


Photo Taken At: The Florida Music Educators Association 

Photo Taken At: The Florida Music Educators Association 

Guarneri del Gesu - Antiqued​

Importuno Stradivari​

When You're Ready to Select an Instrument

Selecting an instrument can be difficult and strenuous task for both the young beginner and the pro. Importuno strives to help make your selection a pleasurable and informative venture. Whether you're looking for a small instrument for a beginner or a lifetime investment for a pro, you can continually find a wide selection of sizes and instruments to fit any budget. My goal is to help you select a quality instrument that's just right for you and your needs. My success depends on your satisfaction. Once you do select an instrument, rest assured that Importuno stands behind your selection with my decades of training and experience in the arts of instrument repair and restoration.


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